Sunday, February 04, 2007

Welcome to another one of Dman's Rantz.
This week I would like to discuss the NFL Hall of Fame voting of the Class of 2007. As with any other voting (like sporting polls, All-Star voting, etc.), this years voting has a number of "snubs" and a few selections that make you go "Huh?".
First of all, I still don't know how Ray Guy doesn't get in the Hall of Fame. I think the fact that he was a punter holds the voters back. But, you have to look at the facts. He was the first punter ever drafted in the first round by the Oakland Raiders in 1973. He had a career average of 42.4 yards per punt. He had only three punts blocked in 1,049 attempts, going 619 consecutive punts without being blocked. He played in seven AFC championship games and three Super Bowls. He was the first punter to hit the Louisiana Superdome scoreboard. Any one who knows football knows that a punters and placekickers are not exactly glamourous positions, but their contributions are a crucial part of the game. I heard ESPN's John Clayton, who is a Hall of Fame voter, say that that Ray did not recieve much support because he was a punter. That punters don't score any points. This way of thinking suggests that punters don't matter. I don't get it! Clearly, he has statistics to suggest otherwise. And for most people, Ray Guy is considered the best punter of all time. He should be in.
Paul Tagliabue should also be in. The NFL Commisioner from 1989-2006, he took over from Pete Rozell and help orchestrate the NFL brandname to being the most popular sport in America. He helped in the expansion of the leaugue to 32 teams. He help insure over 20 years of labor peace with the Player's Association. Under his watch, they were the first major sport to implement extensive drug testing, and secured the largest TV contracts in entertainment history. He also help start the NFL network and created the first leaugue wide internet network. And he didn't get in?
Then there is Micheal Irvin. Grant it, he helped in creating a dynasty in the 90's with the Dallas Cowboys, but his statistics were very impressive, not great. He had a season with 111 catches for 1603 yards. He ended up with 750 catches for 11,904 yards and 65 TD's. Tahts' pretty good. Then you look at another nominee, Art Monk, who was also a wide reciever. He hepled win Super Bowls as well, and he ended up with 940 catches. And he is not voted in before Irvin?
I know that the voting process is never perfect and their will always be some type of arguement of who should get in or who should not get in. Hopefully, these nominees discussed will get their due recognition very soon, but in the meantime, we will rant and debate about the selections for years to come. Especially when it comes to kickers and punters.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I have returned since my little time off. I am fresh and ready to write.
Let's review all that has happened since I've been gone.
First, I was real close with my pick for the National Championship game. I will say that my Mountaineers won't stumble again next year. They are still my favorites to win. The Big East did flex its muscle by going 5-0 in their bowl games, including impressive wins by Louisville and West Virginia agianst the ACC's number 1 and 2 teams. ( I did witness first hand the demise of the YellowJackets).
I still believe the Cardinals got real lucky in beating Detroit in the World Series. It goes to show you that the team that is hot at the time can win it all. But Baseball still has a lot of issues to resolve. If I have to hear one more thing about Barry Bonds and his failed drug test, his possible steroid use, or if he will break Hank's record. Not to even the ongoing drama of the Yankees and Red Sox out-doing each other for this player or that player. There are other teams out there. The last time I checked, these teams have only won one World Series in the last six.
Man, my Spurs are getting old. But, they are still a top five team in the NBA.
The Miami Dolphins... enough said. I will say to Nick "my heart wasn't in it" Saban;Good ridence!
This has been "Dman's Rantz" for today. Stay tuned for more exciting rants to come in future postings.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

NFL Week 11 Picks

Long results from yesterday...just picks for today...

Picks We Agree On:

Oakland +8.5 @ Kansas City
Chiefs –8.5

Dallas @ Indianapolis

Pittsburgh –3.5 @ Cleveland
Steelers –3.5

Tennessee +13 @ Philadelphia
Eagles –13

Washington +2.5 @ Tampa Bay
Bucs –2.5

Minnesota +3.5 @ Miami
Vikes +3.5

Detroit +2.5 @ Arizona
Lions +2.5

Seattle -3 @ San Francisco
'Hawks -3

Picks We Do Not:

Atlanta +4 @ Baltimore
Ravens –4 (Kyle)
Falcons +4 (Matt)

St. Louis +7 @ Carolina
Panthers –7 (Kyle)
Rams +7 (Matt)

Buffalo +3 @ Houston
Texans –3 (Kyle)
Bills +3 (Matt)

Cincinnati +3.5 @ New Orleans
Saints –3.5 (Kyle)
Bengals +3.5 (Matt)

New England –5.5 @ Green Bay
Pack +5.5 (Kyle)
Pats –5.5 (Matt)

Chicago –6 @ New York (A)
Jets +6 (Kyle)
Bears –6 (Matt)

San Diego +3 @ Denver
Broncos -3 (Kyle)
Chargers +3 (Matt)

New York (N) +4 @ Jacksonville
Jags -4 (Kyle)
Giants +4 (Matt)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

College Football Picks

Well here they are...our picks for the week. I will post updated records with our NFL picks tomorrow.

Picks we agree on:

Michigan State +18 @ Penn State
Spartans +18

Tennessee –7.5 @ Vanderbilt
Vols -7.5

Oklahoma State +6 @ Texas Tech
Red Raiders –6

Rutgers –6 @ Cincinnati
Scarlet Knights –6

California +5 @ USC
Golden Bears +5

Picks we don't:

Auburn –3 @ Alabama
Tide +3 (Kyle)
Tigers –3 (Matt)

UCLA +6 @ Arizona
‘Cats –6 (Kyle)
Bruins +6 (Matt)

Kansas State +2 @ Kansas
Jayhawks –2 (Kyle)
Wildcats +2 (Matt)

Maryland +8.5 @ Boston College
Eagles –8.5 (Kyle)
Terps +8.5 (Matt)

Michigan +7 @ Ohio State
Buckeyes –7 (Kyle)
Wolverines +7 (Matt)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

NFL Week 10 Picks

With another week of college football behind us we look ahead to the NFL. So here are the picks...

Common Picks

New York (A) +12 @ New England
Jets +12

San Francisco +6 @ Detroit
Lions –6

Denver –9 @ Oakland
Broncos –9

St. Louis +3.5 @ Seattle
Rams +3.5

Kansas City –1 @ Miami
Phins +1

Cleveland +8 @ Atlanta
Falcons –8

Buffalo +11.5 @ Indianapolis
Colts –11.5

Differing Views:

Chicago @ New York (N)
Giants (Kyle)
Da Bears (Matt)

Houston +10 @ Jacksonville
Texans +10 (Kyle)
Jacksonville –10 (Matt)

San Diego –1.5 @ Cincinnati
Chargers –1.5 (Kyle)
Bengals +1.5 (Matt)

Baltimore –8 @ Tennessee
Ravens –8 (Kyle)
Titans +8 (Matt)

New Orleans +4 @ Pittsburgh
Saints +4 (Kyle)
Steelers –4 (Matt)

Washington +8 @ Philadelphia
Eagles -8 (Kyle)
Skins +8 (Matt)

Green Bay +5 @ Minnesota
Pack +5 (Kyle)
Vikes –5 (Matt)

Dallas –6.5 @ Arizona
Cards +6.5 (Kyle)
Boys –6.5 (Matt)

Tampa Bay +9 @ Carolina
Bucs +9 (Kyle)
Panthers –9 (Matt)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

College Football Picks

Here they are...overall records and this weeks college football picks

Kyle 87-84 (.509)
Matt 104-66 (.612)

Picks we agree on:

Vanderbilt +2.5 @ Kentucky
Commodores +2.5

Wake Forrest –8 @ Florida State
Deacons –8

Notre Dame –12.5 @ Air Force
Falcons +12.5

Alabama +18 @ LSU
Crimson Tide +18

Texas Tech +9.5 @ Oklahoma
Red Raiders +9.5

Picks we don't:

Iowa State +8 @ Colorado
Cyclones +8 (Kyle)
Buffs –8 (Matt)

Miami +3.5 @ Maryland
Terps –3.5 (Kyle)
‘Canes +3.5 (Matt)

Nebraska –1 @ Texas A&M
‘Huskers –1 (Kyle)
Aggies +1 (Matt)

California –13.5 @ Arizona
‘Cats +13.5 (Kyle)
Bears –13.5 (Matt)

Georgia +13 @ Auburn
Tigers –13 (Kyle)
Dawgs +13 (Matt)

South Carolina +12.5 @ Florida
‘Cocks +12.5 (Kyle)
Gators –12.5 (Matt)

Tennessee +5.5 @ Arkansas
Vols +5.5 (Kyle)
Hogs –5.5 (Matt)

Oregon +8 @ USC
Ducks +8 (Kyle)
Trojans –8 (Matt)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

NFL Picks Week 9

As I sit in front of my computer munching on a breakfast burrito and sipping on my freshly brewed coffee I am struck with a profound thought…Our college football picks sucked yesterday. Granted, I salvaged a .500 record, but Kyle went an unimpressive 5-9. It was truly a humbling day in NCAA football. So as we approach our NFL picks the gap between Kyle and myself has widened even further. While the thought of soundly beating Kyle is intriguing, I want to give him a chance. When we got together with our picks there were only 2 differences. I have reevaluated my selections and we are now adversaries on 5 picks. So here we go Kyle. Your chance to make up some ground…let’s hope you don’t fold like my beloved Dawgs and your Vols…

Picks that worry me (Kyle & I agree):

Houston +13 @ New York (N)
G-MEN –13

Green Bay +3 @ Buffalo
Bills –3

Atlanta –5 @ Detroit

Miami +13@ Chicago
Da Bears –13

Cleveland +14 @ San Diego
Browns +14

New Orleans –1 @ Tampa Bay
Saints -1

Minnesota –5 @ San Francisco
Vikes -5

Tennessee +9 @ Jacksonville
Jags –9

Dallas –3 @ Washington
Cowboys –3

Picks that I feel better about (Kyle & I disagree)

Denver +2.5 @ Pittsburgh
Broncos +2.5 (Kyle)
Steelers –2.5 (Matt)

Kansas City +2 @ St. Louis
Chiefs +2 (Kyle)
Rams –2 (Matt)

Cincinnati +3 @ Baltimore
Bengals +3 (Kyle)
Ravens –3 (Matt)

Indianapolis –3 @ New England
Colts –3 (Kyle)
Pats +3 (Matt)

Oakland +8 @ Seattle
‘Hawks –8(Kyle)
Da Raiders +8 (Matt)